Smelly Valentine Breen

This is a rebreen of a lightly hastily breened valentine I gave to my wife in years gone by. As you cn see from the first photo, I was racing the clock before she woke up and of course, after a chuckle, the painting ended back up in the studio, where it has languished ever since. This painting is not intended to make fun of the old and smelly, among whose numbers I count myself, but to lament the loss of romance which seems to accompany middle age smelliness. I love this portraits puppy dog eyes, so I turned him into an old dog, although he also looks like a giant rabbit now.



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Be Mine?

Uh Oh! it’s Valentines Day! I jump out of bed and run to my studio to slap together a Valentine breen for my poor suffering wife before she wakes up! I poke her awake with a corner of the canvas.



She laughs a little but the painting always mysteriously ends up back in my studio, despite my efforts to put it elsewhere in the house.
She is not fooled by the slap-dash nature of my last minute paint concoction. I barely touched the original painting here, besides, a painting like this doesn’t need much because it’s technique already virtually flawless! All I did with this one was slap on a few hearts and the words "Be Mine?!" Also, since I was in between front teeth at the time, I gave him an incomplete mouthful.

As every Valentines day rolls around, I always curse myself for not getting a few V-Day breens out there, but this time I’m going to be prepared! Why not give your wife or girl friend (or boyfriend) the gift that says, "I love you! In a breenish way!" This is not any old breen, this is a poorly executed breen given by the artist himself to his very own wife a couple of years ago! Although she hates it, this doesn’t mean your significant other will! She could learn to live with it and love you in spite of your obvious failings illustrated by your lack of judgement in spending good money on this painting!

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