Little Bit

Can you believe it?, Barely breened, new Breen for sale!

Text says, ‘Although You Make Me Sad, I Still Love You A Little!’About 12”X9” acrylic on oil?acrylic? on canvas board.
Mrs. Breen picked up a mess of portraits at the flea market last summer and all the ladies in them look so sad. The problem with these portraits is that there is no room around the large heads to insert various breenishments. So where I strove to keep the faces intact, I could only lightly breen them in a more more conceptual, minimally vandalized way. This is perhaps the lightest breening of the bunch, yet highly personal. She looks very much like Mrs. Breen!
In the listing is a great Valentines Day pin Mrs. Breen made for me a few years back with a picture of herself in Elementary School.. twins separated at birth!

Fast forward to present, a few misplaced churlish words on my part, stupid fight, and me sobbing and painting very quickly. I’ve been hiding the painting ever since! SShhhhhhhh! Get it out of here – I don’t know how much longer I can keep it under wraps! DON”T SAY ANYTHING TO MRS. BREEN! She probably won’t care too much about the painting, but she’ll go ballistic when she finds I’ve posted her picture! For all those who have begged me for a cheap breen – here it is!

Many more paintings are coming up on line for viewing, and smaller ones for sale, so stay tuned!

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