Text says, ‘Both a +nun+ AND a Buddhist, Sister Rita thought it was okay as long as she felt guilty about her state of enlightenment!’About 12”X9” acrylic on oil?acrylic? on canvas board.

This portrait had a real ‘you are going to get it when you get home mister! I’m very disappointed in you!’ kind of look. So I threw her into a nuns outfit because, well, I don’t have to take that from anybody anymore. I know there are nuns in the Buddhist faith, and I started thinking about that, wondering if there were any similarities to the Western variety, I thought, ‘Are their rulers are made of bamboo? Are they more enlightened?’ A hybrid Catholic/Buddhist nun would probably have unusual spiritual characteristics,, so I gave her a big third eye and a heap of guilt and promptly ran out of space. Professional Buddhist Richard Gere will have to wait for another painting to make an appearance.

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  1. It looks, to me, more like a man with very red lips than a woman. But the post-Breen still works for me like that.

  2. Anonymous

     /  March 21, 2008

    Ain’t no Buddhist
    As kids we used to have nightmares about what the nun’s heads might look like under their habits. Thank you for putting the thing back on her not so bald head. And thank you, it’s less frightening that you’ve airbrushed out the little whiskers on her chin.


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